Meet Michael

Michael JenkinsFrom his birthplace in Ballarat, Michael Jenkins completed his schooling in 1976 at Ballarat College before travelling extensively on a surfing holiday throughout Western Australia. Coming out of his carpentry apprenticeship in 1981, Jenkins' work in construction of residential and commercial buildings led him to develop a keen interest in design.

In 1986, Jenkins was involved in an inner urban construction of townhouses development of warehouses to apartments and offices.

In 1994, Jenkins moved with his family to Bayside Melbourne, purchasing an old shop in Black Rock and pioneering the innovative 'shop top' developments within the area.

During this phase, Jenkins explored the notion on making transportable artforms as opposed to the relocation.

Married to an artistic wife, Jenkins was supported in the pursuit of his artistic expression, and along with traditional building contracts, also worked on many professional photographic shoots, TV and film set productions constructions.

From unit, home, commercial and shop top projects, to gallery cafe designs, Jenkins' artistic ambitions have always been at the forefront of his ambition.

The Beaumaris Art Group has given expression to Jenkins' eye for design and detail the expression. His art continues to be recognised as being substantially unique, with many pieces taking pride of place in private collections.

Jenkins' see the unique beauty and artistic potential of recycled timbers, signs and discarded building materials. The patina, the hue, the possibilities, the history of what lays beneath. His builder's skill ensures every piece is superbly crafted and finished, ready to capture the light and become a true conversation piece.

Jenkins' vision is "that the people who see my work enjoy my personal interpretations and I hope to encourage artists in all mediums to continue the path to create".