About the Art

A fusion of creativity - from raw material ... to inspired 'building art'
For emerging Melbourne artist, Michael Jenkins, a keen eye for cutting-edge residential and commercial building design, including pioneering ground-breaking 'shop top' innovations throughout the Bayside area, led to the translation of his unique visual perceptions into exquisite pieces of art.

A natural affinity with recycled timber has seen Michael create an assemblage of movement and textures from salvaged building pieces into the pleasing aesthetic artworks that form the substance of both his many commissioned works and his exciting first exhibition.

Each work is a unique historical expression, be it from reconstructed road signs, beach bathing box timber, World War 11 artillery boxes or recycled building materials from a bygone era.

Jenkins: "This exhibition is all about my intimate creative visual perception. The signage pieces remind me of the songs from the 70's. The sign says you have to have a membership card to get inside. By cutting the sign, I challenge that notion. I am extremely excited with the prospect of presenting my work to the public and their response. This exhibition explores the vulnerability of putting my creative zone on show". Destructing a single signage, Michael challenges and reinterprets the message into a refreshing new artform.

Drawing on influences from Howard Arkley's utilisation of vivid colours and patterns, Rosalie Gascoigne's vision of alternative material use and John Dahlson's belief that, with imagination, art can take many directions, Jenkins takes his architectural design successes into exciting new artistic endeavours.

A keen surfer, much of Michael's work echoes his strong affinity with the sea, a theme, which today, sees many commissioned works take pride of place in private collections in contemporary homes along Melbourne's Peninsula.

The palette of Jenkins' vision captures the imagination and fire the spirit. Michael Jenkins' passionate, visual journey reaches out to provoke thought and absorb beyond the boundaries of conventional art.